Adopt a Tree and Fight Global Deforestation

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At ABC Tourism we are involved in tree planting initiatives where donors adopt a tree at vulnerable destinations around the world. You can help us in our mission by adopting a tree, and help to fight global deforestation.

Forests currently cover about 30% of the worlds landmass, but we are losing this forest coverage at a rate of 18.7 million acres per year.

That is the equivalent of  27 soccer fields worth of forest lost every minute.

We have already cleared around half of the worlds tropical forests, and at the current rate of deforestation they will have disappeared within 100 years. That means the next generation, our children and grandchildren, will bear the brunt of our inaction unless we fight to stop this catastrophe now.

Trees are a vital component in the planets natural cycle. Deforestation is responsible for the following environmental impacts –

  • A driver for climate change15% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation
  • Habit loss and and wildlife extinction – 80% of the worlds biodiversity live in forests
  • Soil degradation and desertification  We lose 2 metric tons of soil per kilometer of lost forest
  • Loss of groundwater and atmospheric moisture – Rainforests produce about 30% of our planet’s fresh water

Our Tree Planting Operations

At present our main centre of tree planting operations is the Andean natural region of Colombia, where we plant saplings on private and protected lands. The Colombian Andes has already lost 70% of its original forest coverage, which is home to many endangered and vulnerable animals

Tree Planting activites

Tree species we plant include, but are not limited to –

The Wax Laurel (Myrica pubesens) is a tree common in the Andes. The wax from its fruit is harvested to make candles, varnishes and bitumen. This species has deep root coverage making it excellent for land rehabilitation and to prevent slope erosion.

The Andean Oak (Quercus humboltii) is a large oak endemic throughout the Colombian Andes. The acorns provide an important food source for two endangered parrots – the rusty-faced parrot and Fuertes’s parrot.

Andean Oak (Quercus humboltii)

Alder (Alnus acuminata) is a great choice for reforestation efforts as it is a fast growing species that tolerates poor soils and acidic conditions. Ideal for watershed protection and can be used for soil improvement because it has root nodules that improve nitrogen levels.

Adopt a Tree

With every tree adopted we can guarantee the tree will be protected for a minimum of ten years.

To reduce costs and environmental impact we try to undertake our tree planting activities in bulk operations. Sometimes this can result in a delay in tree planting from the time of adoption. usually no longer than 8 weeks.

This also means we can offer a lower price if you adopt trees in bulk, as overheads will be lower (e.g fuel, transport, manpower).

Please adopt a tree today, and help to fight deforestation.

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