The Andean Conservation Centre, Colombia

The Andean Conservation Centre will be a sustainable working farm, educational centre and ecolodge based in the Colombian Andean natural region. Our mission is to create a viable model for sustainability and conservation in the Colombian Andean region. Helping local communities to develop economically and to protect their local resources.

We are looking to fund this project as a nonprofit business. Using any profits created to reinvest in the centre, or to fund to local community projects.

Help us to protect this beautiful and diverse region which has been exposed to so much social and environmental injustice. You can make a difference and join us today to achieve the following goals.

  • Reverse deforestation in the region
  • Combat habitat and biodiversity loss
  • Encourage sustainable agricultural working practices
  • Create a sustainable and economically efficient agricultural model
  • Promote organic and environmentally friendly food production
  • Provide income and employment to the local community
  • Combat air pollution in rural homes from heating and cooking fuels


The Andean natural region has lost 70% of its original woodland through deforestation. This has caused habit loss for many vulnerable, and in some cases, critically endangered species.

We will encourage and educate local communities on reforestation methods. Help smallholders to use available space for tree planting activites. Encourage visitors to take part in our tree planting initiative to offset their travel footprint.

Land Degredation

Land erosion, compounded by deforestation and agricultural practices, has destroyed soil health and silted and eroded river systems, impacting both food production and biodiversity.

We will work with soil scientists and permaculturists to bring the soil back to its natural condition. Promoting a chemical free and natural soil as the antidote to declining soil health.

Air Pollution

Air pollution causes one in twenty deaths in Colombia and it is estimated half ofthe countries air pollution deaths are the result of indoor pollution in rural communities. This is usually the result of burning solid fuels for cooking and heating.

We intend to work on clean and economically viable cooking and heating appliances. For example we have already made plans to construct and test solar cooking units.

The Proposed Centre

We hope to fund this project through donations from like minded individuals, from government grants and other investors.

Several proposed locations have been identified, but already the best have been sold. With this in mind, our initial objective is to generate funding over the coming months and then we will evaluate the style of property we can purchase.

A Colombian smallholding in the Andean region can vary in price. We are looking in the $100,000 to $200,000 (USD) range to provide a location with adequate accommodation facilities and sufficient agriculutral land.

The property should already be farmed, as buying virgin land already contributes significantly to deforestation.

The location will be in the Coffee Triangle region of Colombia. The departments of Caldas, Quindio or Risaralda.