The Abiotic, Biotic & Cultural Tourism CIC believes every journey begins with a single step; and we aim to make the world a better place one step at a time.

We are a UK nonprofit organisation (11273379) promoting the principles of responsible tourism through advocacy, education and research. Our aim is to make ‘better places for people to live in, and better places for people to visit’, as defined by the Cape Town charter for responsible tourism.

As travellers we have a social, economic and environmental responsibility to respect the destinations we visit, and the people who live there. Our mission is to promote and stimulate socio-economic development and resource protection at destinations around the world.

At ABC Tourism we believe in an holistic approach to sustainable tourism. Understanding how each interconnected part of any system operates can help us identify wastage or misuse of resources along the supply chain.

Sustainable Agriculture & Environmentally Friendly Food Production

We understand the link between tourism and sustainable food production. If not managed correctly, demand for food can be a driver for environmental degradation and food scarcity.

We will work to ensure local communities can achieve sustainable food production for themselves and for visitors. Giving back control of the land to community based cooperatives where possible. Promoting organic food production and ensuring all profits are used to pay fair incomes to local workers and reinvested in the mission.

Sampling the local cuisine is all part of the fun of travel. We want travellers to be able to experience local food without creating any significant negative impact. Ideally the tourist should be providing a net gain to the community and environment where possible.

Tourism and a Plant Based Diet

At ABC Tourism we are advocates of a plant based diet. We believe modern livestock agriculture and dairy farming are generally unsustainable and inhumane.

The environmental impact of livestock farming is a driver for climate change and severe environmental degradation of both land and sea.

We try to model our agricultural methodologies on vegan and environmentally friendly practices at all times. Eliminating practices that are harmful to the environment, livestock, working animals and wildlife.


We have been invested in tree planting initiatives and the fight against deforestation for many years. Even before the creation of the ABC Tourism CIC our friends and colleagues helped to plant over 10,000 trees in vulnerable areas.

We want to further this work and encourage travellers to become involved in tree planting activities or by adopting trees.

The Abiotic, Biotic, and Cultural Tourism CIC brings together tourists, residents, and local stakeholders to to engage in dialogue and create action for the good of our environment.

If you feel you have something to offer our program, please contact us. We will be pleased to hear from you.